Sacramental Marriage

You’ll probably be booking your date for the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage up to two years in advance. Please bear in mind that fundamental changes in procedures or requirements can be made within such extended periods of time by Church, Civil or Parish authorities. Any information supplied or indicated at the time of booking is subject to this provision.

Civil Registrar
A minimum of three months’ notice must be given to the Civil Registrar for any marriage in Ireland.  This involves making an appointment for a face-to-face meeting, presentation of ID and proof of address, payment of fee and supplying the names of witnesses and celebrant.  There is exhaustive information available on
Celebrating a Sacramental Marriage
The Diocese also requires at least three months’ notice for any marriage being celebrated in our churches. In practice, most couples need to approach hotels months or years in advance to ensure their chosen date and so will have to make arrangements with the parish before they can confirm with the hotel.  
In the year or so before the date of marriage you will have to attend a recognised pre marriage course, after which you will each meet with the priest of you home parish to enable him to complete the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form.  This may involve securing beforehand Baptism Cert, Confirmation Cert and/or Letter of Freedom. Don’t worry about these until you contact the priest because he will let you know what you need to source, if anything.
Again, full information is available on the Cork & Ross Diocesan website in the various sections under the Sacraments/Marriage Menu button


Check if your date is available by looking at the table below, but keep in mind:
a. Sacramental Marriages cannot be solemnised on Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday or Christmas Day. If you have any doubt whatsoever about your desired day being affected by this, contact us before you book your hotel.
b. In Kilbrittain Parish only one sacramental marriage may be booked on any day.
c. If neither of you live in Kilbrittain or was baptised here, you must bring your own priest. Fr Cremin cannot commit himself to officiate at any sacramental marriage of non-parishioners.
MARRIAGES BOOKED as of January 2020
2020 25th July* Saturday
2020 2nd October Friday
2020 December 31st Thursday

Fr Cremin is doing an outside wedding on this date. Church available if you bring your own Celebrant.

Pre-Nuptial Enquiry: Those coming to complete this in Kilbrittain can avail of an online form to submit a lot of the required information beforehand and save time.  The form is available through THIS LINK and will open on a new tag.

Submit Pre-Nuptial details online