Past Priests

Date of Coming Parish Priests and Curates Other Information
July 2013 Fr Jerry Cremin PP
May 2011 Fr John Heinhold SPS Admin. Transferred July 2013
July 2000 Fr Tom Riordan PP Retired 27 July 2012
December 1991 Canon William Ahern PP Died 27th June,
Buried in Kiulbrittain
September 1985 Fr Jack McCarthy PP Died in Kilbrittain 31st Oct 1991
October 1982 Fr Jerry Hyde, PP
June 1973 Fr John Murphy, PP
August 1970 Fr Dan J McCarthy PP
August 1967 Fr John Doody, PP Died, buried in Kilbrittain 1970
Sept 1964 to 1967 Fr TA (Gus) O’Regan, CC Last Curate in Kilbrittain –
When Fr. Coakley died in 1967
Fr. Dan J McCarthy was appointed as
sole priest of Kilbrittain.
This was the first parish in Cork
Diocese to loose a curate and to
become a one priest parish.
June 1962 Fr J Walsh, CC
February 1954 Fr Donal Cahalane CC
November 1947 Fr Diarmuid O’Connor CC
Aug 18th, 1946 Fr Jeremiah Coakley PP Died 30th Dec 1966
Buried in Kilbrittain
January 1946 FR Michael O’Riordan CC
January 1944 Fr Richard Harris CC
December 1938 Fr Tim McSweeney CC He retired to Kilbrittain as AP in 1984.
He died on the 8th September, 1996
and is buried in Kilbrittain.
May 1935 Fr William Murphy CC
December 1932 FR TA (Gus) Coffey CC
September 1930 Fr Michael Twomey CC
June 1929 Fr John McSwiney PP Died 14 March 1946, buried in
Fr. Mc Swiney lived in the Dower
House. When Fr. Coakley succeeded
him he built a new Parochial House
next to the church and moved there in
10th June 1892 Kilbrittain Church was
dedicated to St. Patrick.
September 1928 Fr James J Coakley CC
September 1928 Fr John McSwiney Adm. Appointed Parish Priest the following year
October 1927 Fr John McSwiney CC Appointed Admisistgrator the following year
August 1923 Fr Denis A Aherne CC
July 1921 Fr D O’Mahony PP Died 23 June 1930
Buried in Kilbrittain
October 1920 Fr James O’Mahony CC
November 1908 Fr Bernard McKenna OSA CC
October 1902 Dr D O’Donovan CC Fr. Dan O’Donovan was the priest who
guided the foundation of the Kilbrittain
GAA Club in 1904
August 1898 Fr C Coakley, CC
April 1896 Fr P O’Connell CC
March 1896 Fr J O’Leary PP Died in Kilbrittain 1922
January 1893 Fr TJ McCarthy, CC
November 1891 Fr D Bernard, CC
August 1889 Fr Ed McDonald CC
1st May 1889 Fr Andrew Forrest PP Innishannon 1897 to 1917. Buried in Innishannon
November 1886 Fr C O’Leary, CC
January 1884 Fr J A Daly, CC
30th September 1883 Fr Daniel Coghlan CC He was appointed as Bishop of Cork on
29th August 1916
May 1881 Fr J Crowley
February 1880 Fr TF Burke, CC
June 1877 Fr James Brady CC
February 1876 Fr John Collins, CC
19th January 1876 Fr William Murphy, PP moved to Enniskeane 1889
died Enniskeane in April 1892
buried in Farnivane church yard
June 1875 Fr Patrick O’Neill CC
1874 Fr Timothy O’Sullivan PP Died 1875
1874 Fr John Murphy Died as CC 1874
November 1872 Fr Thomas Scannell PP
February 1871 Fr Daniel O’Sullivan CC
December 1870 Fr James Bowen, CC
September 1869 Fr A O’Connell CC
March 1867 Fr Patrick Hurley, CC
May 1864 Fr J Collins, CC
5th April 1863 Fr Simon Murphy, PP Died and buried in Kilbrittain 1872
March 1859 Fr John Murphy, CC First Curate in Kilbrittain:
When Fr. Murphy was appointed to
assist the aging Fr. Taylor in 1859
the townlands of Currarane, Killeens,
Clashreagh, Rochestown,
Hackettstown, Ballydonas,
Glounavirane, Carrigcannon,
Glaunavaud and Gurraneasig were
transferred from Courcey’s Parish;
in order that the Rev. Robert Taylor
P.P. Kilbrittain, now old and infirm,
might have the necessary means to
support a curate.
11th August 1826 Fr Robert Taylor, PP Died 28 Jan 1863
buried in Kilbrittain
15th September 1814 Fr John Foley, OSA, PP Died 27th Nov 1828
Buried in Kilbrittain
1760 to 1814 Fr Patrick Geran, OSF The church was built during this time.
Fr. Geran served in Kilbrittain for 54 years.
During his time the present church was built in
1790. He retired in 1814 and lived in Bandon.
He died on 17th May 1819 and was interred in the
old church on Gallows Hill in Bandon.
When St Patrick’s Church in Bandon was opened in
1961 Fr Geran’s remains were removed from
the old church to the new one as well as two
former parish priests of Bandon.
He had served in the Diocese of Cork for over 70
1750 to 1760 Fr Domhnall Ó Suilleabháin
1731 to 1743 Fr Lawrence Callanan The first post-Reformation Church of which
there is definite information was at Barleyfield
Cross and it existed from 1740 to 1790. There is
no sign of that church now.
This church of 1740 was very likely built by
Fr. Laurence Callanan.
In 1790 the present Church in Kilbrittain was built
and in 1840 it was extended.
In 1743 a Mass House was built in Kilshinihan.
1714 to 1731 Fr Florence Crowley In 1731 the parishes of Kilbrittain and Rathclaren
were united when Fr Florence Crowley died.
Ordained 1686 Fr Daniel Crowley Ministered Timoleague Templeomalus
Templequinlane and Rathclaren.
Ordained 1673 Fr Florence Carthy Ministered in Ringrone Ballinadee Templetrine
and Kilbrittain.
1655 Fr Micael OFM Cap Ministered at Courceys Kilbrittain and Rathclaren.
1500 Thady McCarthy Thady McCarthy, Dean of Cork to get churches of Rathclaren and Burren
1498 In 1498 the parishes of Burren and Rathclaren
were united.
1478 Canon Thaddeus McCarthy “Thaddeus McCarthy, canon of Cork, enters bond for rectories of of parish churches of Rathclarin and Burren, to be united with his canonry and prepend of of Cork” Bolster Vol I, p 500.
1447/8 John Cronin “John Cronin (Ocronyn), rector of Templetrine (Treyne), to be given canonry and prebend of Kilbrttain of which Nicholas Kelly is to be deprived” Bolster Vol I, p 497.
1393 Canon Geoffrey Galwey “Vincent Whyt, canon of Cork, prebendary of Kilbrogan.
Geoffrey Galwey to get the Prebend on the death of Whyt and to resign the canonry and prepend of Kilbrittain. Bolster Vol I, p 495