Parish Assembly

You are invited to nominate yourself and/or others to participate in the new Parish Assembly for the 2019 session.

Our Parish is looking for:
 People who care about our parish and its future.
 Those who would like to develop a more caring community in our parish.
 Those who are interested in faith development and in handing on the faith to the next generation.
 Parishioners who would like to be involved in the preparation for celebration of the sacraments.
 Those who hold a shared vision of Church as the people of God.
 Those who wish to use the gifts God gave them for the benefit of the Community.
 Those who have new ideas to share with others.
 Those who see new opportunities for our parish.

A new Parish Assembly will be formed during the next two months.

Nomination forms are in the church now.  You also have the option of using the form below to submit your nominations electronically and in complete anonymity

What is a Parish Assembly? It is a gathering of a cross-section of
people from across the Parish who together will begin to create a renewed experience of belonging and participating in the life of the Parish. The assembly is a collaborative body of laity and clergy who together participate in a formation process and together draw up a programme for the Parish and begin its implementation. The Parish Assembly will have a three-year term.

What is the Assembly about? The Assembly is about the pastoral, spiritual, and faith life of the members in our parish and support for all age groups in their faith journey. Together the members will seek to create a vibrant faith community in the area, which is in tune with the gospel message.

What is the Assembly not about? It is not finance, buildings, maintenance or fundraising as these issues are dealt with by the Parish finance committee, nor will it take over the roles of people already involved in the Parish and is not to be confused with a community association.

Choosing our Assembly members .
 Each Parishioner is invited to nominate two people aged 18 and over to become a member.
 One from their own Station Area and the other can be from anywhere in the parish. We would remind people to keep in mind about gender balance and a cross section of age representation.
 Nominators should be aged 18 and over.
 If you would like to offer your time and talents to the Assembly, please nominate yourself.
 You do not need to ask the person you wish to nominate, the members of the Group organising the nomination will do this.
 Details of nominations will be kept strictly confidential.
 All those nominated will be contacted by letter seeking acceptance of their nomination.
 The Priest in the parish will automatically be included in the assembly.