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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Mass live on Facebook page ‘Jeremiah Cremin’ at 10.30 am and accessible in playback for the rest of the day.

(May be subject to change at short notice)

Holy Thursday:
Mass of the Lord’s Supper 5.00 pm on Facebook

Good Friday:
Stations of the Cross on Facebook at 5.00 pm

Holy Saturday:
Restricted Easter Vigil at 7.30 pm
1. Lighting of Paschal Candle, without Easter Fire
2. Exsultet, The solemn proclamation of the Resurrection.
3. Service of the Word confined to one reading and psalm.
4. Renewal of Baptismal Promises
5. Mass of the Resurrection.

Easter Sunday:
Mass of the Resurrection at 10.30 am.


Sadly, our holy water fonts in the church had to be emptied at the start of the present emergency because using the font could transmit the virus from one person to the next person putting a finger in. However there is no harm in taking holy water home and we are always encouraged to sprinkle this sacramental liberally.

Today I filled the three Holy Water bins in the church and imparted the traditional blessing from the Latin Ritual which involved blessing salt first, then blessing the water before mixing both.  These are the prayers which have been in use for a thousand years and are strangely appropriate to this crisis. Here are extracts:

‘O salt, creature of God, I exorcise you by the living God, by the true God, by the holy God, by the God who ordered you to be poured into the water by Eliseo the Prophet so that its life-giving powers might be restored. I exorcise you so that you may become a means of salvation for believers, that you may bring health of soul and body to all who make use of you, and that you may put to flight and drive away from the places where you are sprinkled every apparition, villainy, and turn of devilish deceit, and every unclean spirit, adjured by Him Who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. Amen.’
‘O God, Who for the salvation of mankind has built Thy greatest mysteries on this substance, water, in Thy kindness hear our prayers and pour down the power of Thy blessing + into this element, made ready for many kinds of purifications. May this, Thy creature, become an agent of divine grace in the service of Thy mysteries, to drive away evil spirits and dispel sickness, so that every-thing in the homes and other buildings of the faithful that is sprinkled with this water may be rid of all uncleanness and freed from every harm. Let no breath of infection, no disease-bearing air, remain in these places. May the wiles of the lurking Enemy prove of no avail. Let whatever might menace the safety and peace of those who live here be put to flight by the sprinkling of this water, so that the healthfulness, obtained by calling upon Thy holy name, may be made secure against all attack. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever.’



From an email issued by the Bishop of Cork & Ross at 7.50 pm on Sunday 15th.

Weekday Masses as usual on Monday 16th . No public Masses on St Patrick’s Day and after that no public weekday Mass (starting Wed 18th.)

Masses will not cease being offered. We need more Masses now than ever. I will be offering at least one private Mass each day for the intentions of all in this critical situation.

Stations have also been suspended.
Our Eucharistic Adoration will continue as long as feasable, while the numbers of adorers remains at the usual two or three maximum per hour and provided physical separation is observed.  The situation will be monitored and Diocesan or HSE directives may force changes anyway.

unless there is a directive to the contrary.


Masses not suspended. Gatherings of 100 people or fewer to continue. People not bound by Sunday Mass obligation. Pray at home, make spiritual Communion. Full list:
– Our gatherings will have a maximum attendance of 100 people.
– People are not bound by the Sunday Obligation.
– People can have access to Mass through local church webcams.
– Mass at the Cathedral will continue to be live-streamed at
– This is also a time to encourage people to continue to pray in their homes together as families.
Let us keep one another … in our prayers conscious of the hope and comfort which our faith brings, especially in these difficult times.

All non-essential pastoral gatherings and meetings, such as formation gatherings, retreats and seminars are cancelled.
All Confirmations are postponed until further notice.
Every Catholic is entitled to a dignified Christian burial. Attendance at Funeral services and Masses should be limited to close relatives and must not exceed 100 attendees within the church building.
– Similarly, Church weddings and baptisms may be celebrated on condition that the attendance in church does not exceed 100 people.
– In these difficult and uncertain times, people find strength, consolation and hope in prayer. Churches should remain open for prayer each day.
– In the current emergency situation, all are dispensed from the obligation to physically attend Sunday Mass. Parishes should inform parishioners of the local possibilities to participate in Mass via local radio and online. It may be possible for some parishes to facilitate attendance at Mass while still observing the health authority’s limit of 100 people.
– This is an occasion for all of us – especially in families – to pray more intensely for each other and especially for those who have succumbed to the illness. We should pray also for those at the frontlines – especially doctors, nurses and medical staff and other carers, including clergy – that the Lord will protect them as they place their own wellbeing at risk in the service of all.


Dec 22nd, Fourth Sunday Advent:
Vigil Sat 8.00,
Sunday 10.30

Mon Dec 23rd:
Morning Mass 9.00

Tue Dec 24th: Christmas Eve:
Children’s Mass 6.00 pm.
Mass of Christmas Night 9.00 pm

Mass of Christmas Day 10.30 am

Thursday, Friday and Sat
Christmas week, Morning Mass 11.00 am.

Sun 29th. Feast of Holy Family
Vigil Sat 8.00,
Sunday 10.30

Mon 30th Dec to Sat 4th Jan ‘20
Morning Mass 10.00 am (inc. Tue.)

Sunday 5th Jan 2020
Vigil Sat 8.00,
Sunday 10.30
Vigil of Epiphany Sun 8.00 pm

Monday 6th Jan 2020, Feast of the Epiphany
Mass of Epiphany 10.30 am.