This Week’s Bulletin

16th December 2018
Gaudete Sunday

Masses This Week
Monday: 9.00 am
Tuesday; NO MASS
Wednesday to Friday: 9.00 am
Saturday 10.00 am

Carol Service
St Patrick’s Church, this Sunday, Dec 16th, at 7.00 pm
Refreshments in the Parish Hall afterwards.
Donations of confectionary would be much appreciated.

Bambinelli Sunday
Today we bless the figures of the Baby Jesus before they are put into our cribs at home and in the church.

Penance Services
TIMOLEAGUE: Tue 7.30 pm.
BANDON: Wed 7.30 pm.

Next Saturday night, 22nd December, our local Scout Troop will bring the Bethlehem Peace Light to be presented during Mass. This flame was taken from the eternal flame burning in Bethlehem. Last year some people wished to take a light from this flame to their homes. This year the Scouts have acquired mini lanterns for use of those who would like to take the flame to their homes. They are being made available at cost – €5 – and samples can be seen on the side altar this weekend. We have 20 available and more can be ordered if we are approached early enough.

Anne Corcoran RIP
Anne’s 10th Anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Sat night, 19th January. Some of her family members are uniting with Kilbrittain helpers to use this occasion as a tribute to the huge number of locals, emergency personnel, Gardaí and others who were such a support at the time. Many of the outsiders who shared the efforts and the grief of Kilbrittain people ten years ago are being invited back for this Mass and it will be followed by an opportunity to gather for refreshments in the Parish Hall
In conjunction with this Anniversary, next Sunday’s Mass, 23rd December at 10.30, has been requested to be offered for the intentions of the people of Kilbrittain and all others who were involved.

Lotto 06 – 10 – 19 – 25
The €2,000 lotto jackpot was not won. €40 winners were Sandra O’Regan, John Dollard, Eimear Hayes, Alan & Hitomi Healy and Josephine Dineen. Jackpot for this weekend will be €2,200 and there will be five extra consolation prizes for Christmas!

+ + + + + + +

John’s Good News
We all know how John the Baptist ended up. King Herod had him jailed and then decapitated because he had pointed out the sinfulness of the king’s adultery with his brother’s wife. John’s intention was to try to save Herod’s soul. He didn’t succeed. Herod turned down the one chance to avoid ‘the fire that will never go out’. John was also surely using the situation to warn the people that following Herod’s example would seal their own fate as well.
It is often said that the greatest trick the devil pulls is to convince us that he doesn’t exist, but another method he uses very successfully is that of ‘reassurance’. We can be persuaded to reassure ourselves that there is no one in hell, that we can absolve ourselves of our own sins, that something is not wrong for us even though it is for others, that God’s mercy will be applied to us even as we are actually rejecting it.
It is made worse by our self-reassurance bolstering the self-reassurance of so many around us and by their shoring up our self-delusion in turn. We can all be persuaded to reassure ourselves that we are happy, despite every bone bone our bodies telling us that we are on the wrong side of the tracks, that we are out of tune with the music of the soul.
John the Baptist’s message, as today’s Gospel records it, would jolt anybody out of their self-reassurance, yet it was received as good news by the tax collector and the soldier because it set them free to change their behaviour in a way that they knew was putting them on the road to inner peace and expectation of eternal life.