Bishop of Cork 1727-1747

Not to be confused with Blessed Thaddeus McCarthy (1455-92) 
Parish Of Birth: Kilbrittain
Colleges Attended Irish College Toulouse Montpellier, France
Appointments Bishop : 1727 – 1747, Bandon PP – 1725, Drimoleague PP 1714. Bishop of Cork. Notes. Known as McCarthy Rabach – also known as the McCarthy Reaghs. Born 1664. McCarthy was educated for the priesthood in France. He studied first at the Irish College in Toulouse where he graduated in arts and theology in 1695 and was tonsured in 1702. He took some courses in medicine in Montpellier in 1707. n Cork, he lived sometimes (while not on the run) at Rawbuck’s Lane (now Eason’s Hill), off Shandon Street, which was named after him. Bishop McCarthy flaunted the penal code and built a chapel in his parish in 1730 on part of the site now occupied by the present Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne. It was described in the 1731 “The State of Popery” as a “large and sumptuous Mass-house”. It was popularly known as the “Bishop’s Chapel”. The foundation stone of the chapel bore the year 1730 and the bishop’s initials. This stone was inserted into the northern wall of the present building but was plastered over during extension work in the 1960s. Sr. Angela Bolster noted that it is located behind the 12th Station of the Cross

Extracts from his will made 13th March 1746:
“To My Nephews John and Richard Barrett, One British Shilling and No More for Their Disobedience to Me.”
“I leave and bequeath unto my good friend, John Callanan of the city aforesead, Esqr., the sum of twenty pounds ster.; also to his brother, Owen Callanan appothecary, the sum of ten pounds ster…”
(John Callanan was a physician and the Callanans were heriditary physicians to the McCarthy Reaghs.  They were ancestors of the poet JJ Callanan (1795-1829), his best-known poems being ‘Gougane Barra’ and ‘The Outlaw of Loch Lene’.)