In these difficult and uncertain times, people find strength, consolation and hope in prayer. Our church will remain open for prayer each day.

Sat 14th March: No Vigil Mass
Sun 15th March: No Public Mass. Private Mass will be offered for the intentions of the parish
Mon 16th; Morning Mass as usual 9.00 am. Eucharistic Adoration as usual. No vigil Mass for St Patrick’s Day.
Tue 17th March, Feast of St Patrick. No Public Mass. Mass of St Patrick’s Day will be offered privately for the intentions of the parish.
Wed 18th, Morning Mass 9.00 am. Eucharistic Adoration as usual
Thurs 19th, Fri 20th
. Morning Masses as usual 9.00 am.
Sat 19th, Morning Mass as usual 10.00 am.
Any or all of the above may be forced to change on Diocesan or HSE advice.

Ratharoon Station Fri 20th POSTPONED
History Talk Wed 18th POSTPONED
Lenten Talks Courceys Parish CANCELLED